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It’s a known fact that the older we get our physical function declines. This is why physical activity and exercise is important for all older adults to prevent health problems from developing in later life such as diabetes, stroke and dementia.

The good news is that getting older does not mean its all doom and gloom!  Regular exercise in later life can significantly reduce the risk of becoming unhealthily and losing your independence.

Here at Active Together we pride ourselves on providing local, low cost exercise and dance classes across Hertfordshire. Take a closer look around our website to see what activities we have to offer.

What is the Active Together?

Active Together was a project funded by Hertfordshire County Councils, Community Wellbeing Team. Due to the success of the project, there are now 50 classes across the county run independently, with no external funding.

Active Together has some simple aims to:

  • Improve the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of older people by increase participation in physical activity and exercise
  • Improve local community cohesion by developing sustainable community exercise groups

More information?

If you would like to know more, please see each session for individual contact information. For general enquiries, please email us at info@herts.ac.uk.

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